Kit Contents

The saliva test kit contains all necessary information for the proper collection and shipment of the sample. This kit allows for quick and easy saliva sampling through which the requested analysis will be undertaken.

The supplied Kit includes:

  1.  swab for saliva collection (please look  at lateral page);
  2.  disposable gloves;
  3.  instructions;
  4.  client registry form and informed consent form; 
  5.  rendering of services contract.
  6.  self-addressed envelope for Kit shipment.


Instruction for Saliva Colletion


 ATTENTION: In order to prevent sample contamination please put on gloves before you begin.

  1. Open the package.
  2. Take out the enclosed tube with swab. Please be careful not to touch the swab with any other surface or material other than your mouth.
  3. Hold the green end of the swab with one hand and insert the swab into your mouth using the other. Rotate swab vigorously on the cheek walls and tongue for a minute.
  4. Place swab back into tube being careful not to touch your hands or face with the white end of swab.
  5. Break the swab alongside the notch so that only the white end remains in the tube.
  6. Close the tube and place it again in the wrapping. Place the package inside the supplied envelope.







After collecting the sample you should place the saliva Kit as well as all supplied forms (properly filled out) into the supplied envelope and send through post (CTT).



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