The test can be carried out from a saliva sample by means of a Genetest Kit, a quick and pain-free method which was developed by the company, or can alternatively be carried through blood samples.

All medical tests – in particular predictive genetic tests – must be carried out with full knowledge and by prescription of your doctor. In this way, Genetest suggests that in addition to carefully reading the contents available on this site that you speak with your doctor regarding the limitations and interest of any of these tests.

If your doctor solicits any of above mentioned tests, please be sure that the required sample be collected using our kit which can be requested here.

After which, simply follow the instructions included in the kit which will consequently be sent to your home and send us the sample, accompanied by your doctor’s prescription, the signed liability agreement (included in the kit) and respective payment (a self-addressed envelope is supplied for this purpose).

Upon analysis, the results will be sent to your home and should thereupon be shown to your doctor.

In summary, we ask that you certify to send the following items along with the kit:

  •  Term of informed consent (included in the kit);
  •  Prevision of services contract (included in the kit);
  •  Medical prescription (written out by your doctor).

NOTE: Genetest offers special payment conditions, namely, interest-free credit. Contact us for further information.


To receive the saliva test kit please click here

To view kit contents please click here


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